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Friday 3/31 Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, a retired 3-star army general and strong Trump backer made a statement, more than once that Hillary Clinton was “guilty” of “something” because she wouldn't testify without having immunity from prosecution. This is lawyer-speak for: “Okay, I know what happened and I'll tell you if you promise not to send me to jail with the others (who really belong there). Yesterday, Flynn's lawyer stated that Gen. Flynn would like to cooperate with congressional investigators but that he would do so only if he was given immunity form prosecution. So, the fox has become the rabbit (again?) The truth never comes in a pretty package: it never has bows and ribbons and is never sugar-coated. No, the truth comes dripping with blood and guts and tears but when it comes we know it is the truth because we recognize these words: For this I was born and for this I come into the world , to bear witness to the truth and everyone who is of the truth, hears my voice. Hopefully all will hear it when Flynn makes his appearance before congress and not say, as many politicians usually do, whenever the truth appears: go away I am looking for the the truth.