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2/9 IMAGINATION A Poem Imagine there's a heaven, It's easy if you try. It's way, way up there, way up above the sky, And, imagine there's a hell below us, Where all the evil goes to die. Imagine there's no longer any temptations, No rulers or despots and no autocratic nations. Nothing to kill or die for, And everlasting life too. Imagine all the people with peace & love as their core. You may say that I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one. It's the little ones who will understand, as we have nothing but fun. Imagine no wars, the guns are gone, no horrific boom, And there's no more loud noises going bam-bam, Imagine it's the Lord in Heaven, making more room, And you must know that it is, the lamb. Imagine the devil has lost: he has vanished in a flash, His evil empire down below is nothing but smoldering ash. And we all of us together, all who love God, We see nothing but hearts alive, souls on fire with love. For, we have arisen: we have ascended to up above.